Bracelet of Mirrors

Magic mirror bracelet


Gaijin magic item that allows the wearer of the bracelet to communicate with anyone currently possessing one of the other four mirrors normally attached. When activated by spending a void point, the wearer of the bracelet and anyone else bearing a mirror can see what is happening through the mirrors. Another void point can be spent to allow for things to be heard, as well. The effect lasts for ten minutes.

People Currently Possessing a Mirror:
Horiuchi Senai
Agasha Chiyo


Horiuchi Senai and Kitsune Ryosei both possessed a mirror when Kesshite went into the Shadowlands. He allowed both to witness the final confrontation so they could locate the sword in case he was unable to get it back to the wall. His goodbyes, however, were heard only by his wife.

Bracelet of Mirrors

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