Horiuchi Kesshite


Legend of the Five Rings, 4E

Rank 4, Insight 207, Experience Points: 7/122, Kharma Points: 3


Earth 3 Stamina 3 Willpower 3 Water 5 Strength 5 Perception 5
Fire 3 Agility 3 Intelligence 3 Air 3 Reflexes 3 Awareness 3
Void 3

Primary Weapons

Weapon Attack Damage Notes
Ono 7k3 6k4 -2 Reduction

Armor TN Bonus: +0

TN to Be Hit (REF x 5 + Armor + Modifiers): 15

Initiative (Insight Rank = REF/ keep REF): 7k3

Wounds (Earth x 2 per level, Earth x 5 for Healthy)

Wound Level Penalty Total Notes
Healthy +0 15
Nicked +3 6
Grazed +5 6
Hurt +10 6
Injured +15 6
Crippled +20 6
Down +40 6 Must spend Void to act
Out 6 Cannot act
Skill Trait Rank Roll Emphases/Mastery Abilities School Skill?
High Skills
Calligraphy Intelligence 1 4k3 Cipher/None Yes
Investigation Perception 2 7k5 None/None No
Lore: Theology Intelligence 1 4k3 None/None Yes
Lore: Law Intelligence 1 4k3 None/None Yes
Lore: Chikushudo Intelligence 3 6k3 None/None Yes
Meditation Void 3 6k3 None/Rank 3: A successful Meditation Skill Roll restores up
to 2 Void Points.
Spellcraft Intelligence 1 4k3 None/None Yes
Etiquette Awareness 3 6k3 None/None Yes
Bugei Skills
Athletics Strength 2 7k5 None/None No
Battle Perception 1 6k5 None/None Yes
Horsemanship Agility 2 5k3 None/None Yes
Hunting Perception 4 9k5 Tracking/None No
Weapons: Heavy Agility 4 7k3 None/Rank 3: -2 Reduction Yes
Jiujitsu Agility 1 4k3 Bear/None No
Merchant/Low Skills
Animal Handling Awareness 5 8k3 None/Rank 3: Commonly domesticated animals such as
dogs, horses, or falcons may be trained for use by others. / Rank 5: Trained animals still in possession of the trainer may be commanded to attack a target of his choosing. The animal will flee for its life if badly wounded regardless of commands issued.
Glory 3.5 Honor 5.5 Status 2.0 Infamy 0.0 Shadowlands Taint 0.0

School Techniques (Iuchi Shugenja School)

Rank 1 Spirit of the Wind The Iuchi harness the power of the elements to grant the waves’ speed to others. As a Complex Action, you may sacrifice one spell slot of any element to grant one target individual and additional Simple Move Action. This Simple Action is in addition to the target’s normal Actions per Round. The additional Action must be used on the target’s next Turn or it is lost. You also gain a Free Raise on any spell with the Travel keyword.
Rank 2 Name Mechanics
Rank 3 Where The Wind Wills (Iuchi Traveller Alternate Path You possess knowledge of the most sacred Unicorn magic: the art of moving from one point to another without crossing the space in between. You may spend one Void Point and expend one spell slot of either Air or Water (Void may not be used) as a Simple Action to instantly teleport a maximum distance equal to your School Rank x 100 feet. This affects only you and the material you are carrying, but by expending a second Void Point you may also teleport any horse-sized mount on which you are sitting at the time of the effect.
Rank 4 Kitsune Summoner (Alternate Path)
The Kitsune are much beloved by Chikushudo, the spirit realm of animals and the denizens of that realm will come to a Kitsune's aid readily. You may summon an animal spirit of Chikushudo by spending an Earth spell slot and making a Spell Casting Roll with a TN equal to 5 + (5x Earth Ring of animal being summoned). Any natural creature from the rulebook and bestiary can be summoned. The summoned creature will appear within the next three Rounds, at an exact time chosen by the GM.

Manifested animal spirits are more intelligent that normal animals and can understand simple commands. They are friendly toward you, but do not regard themselves as your servants; they are allies and will act as sch. Spirits summoned in this manner remain in the mortal realm for a number of hours equal to your Earth Ring; they have the Spirit trait in addition to their normal abilities (if any). |
| Rank 5 |_. Name | Mechanics |
h3. Advantages/Disadvantages

Inheritance: War dogs x2 Got war dogs, two of them. +4 pts
Inheritance: Golden Eagle Got an eagle, one of them. +2 pts
Touch of the Spirit Realms: Chikushudo c Animal Ken You may instinctively sense the
mood of animals; animals regard you as friendly.
+7 pts
Large You are significantly larger than the average Rokugani, ranging in height from 6’0” to 6’3” in height. You gain a bonus of +1k0 to the total of all Damage Rolls for any large melee weapon. Crab characters may purchase this Advantage for 3 points. +4 pts
Elemental Blessing: Water You are much beloved by the kami of a particular element, although you know not why that might be. As a result, the cost of increasing the Traits associated with one particular Ring, chosen when this Advantage is purchased, is decreased by 1. For example, if you choose Earth when you purchase this Advantage, the cost of increasing stamina and Willpower is reduced by 1 Experience Point every time you increase them. Void may not be chosen for this Advantage. Phoenix characters may purchase this Advantage for 3 points. +4 pts
Innate Ability: Path to Inner Peace Cast spell without scroll. Free raise if used. +1 pts
Innate Ability: Nature’s Touch Cast spell without scroll. Free raise if used. +1 pts
Disturbing Countenance: Polychromatic Eyes Something about your appearance causes others to respond to you with concern and caution. You are not necessarily unattractive, merely disturbing in some way. The TN of all your Social Skill Rolls is increased by +5. This Disadvantage is worth 4 points to Spider characters. -3 pts
Soft-Hearted: Animals Human life is precious to you, so much so that you have difficulty executing the basic duty of the samurai caste: to kill. When faced with the opportunity to kill another human being, you must succeed at a Willpower Trait Roll (TN 20), or you are unable to do so. If you do kill another, the TNs of all your rolls are increased by +10 for one day as you are wracked with guilt. This penalty is not cumulative with multiple deaths. This Disadvantage could potentially also apply to killing nonhuman creatures or even Shadowlands monsters, although the Experience Point value should be increased in such cases. This Disadvantage is worth 3 points to Phoenix characters. -4 pts
Blackmailed: Ronin Fuckwit Someone out there knows of some dark secret of yours, or some horrible indiscretion you committed in a moment of weakness. What’s worse, they intend to make you pay for it. The cost of this Disadvantage is equal to your Status Rank. The person blackmailing you will contact you periodically and require certain things of you. You must weigh these actions against the potential disgrace if your secret is discovered, and act accordingly. -2 pts


Nature’s Touch c Ring/Mastery: Air 1
c Range: 10’
c Area of Effect: One creature
c Duration: Special
c Raises: Range (+10’)
You are able to use the spirits of the wind to speak to an animal and ensure that it understands what you are saying. This spell works only on natural animals, and will not work with Shadowlands creatures or creatures from other realms. It does not guarantee that the animal will regard you positively or that it will fulfill requests made of it, but the creature will
understand anything you tell it (within its ability to do so, naturally – political relationships will have no meaning to a horse, no matter how many times you explain them). This
spell lasts as long as you maintain your full and undivided attention on the animal and continue speaking to it.
Page 167
Jurojin’s Balm c Ring/Mastery: Earth 1
c Range: Touch
c Area of Effect: One target
c Duration: 1 hour
c Raises: Duration (1/2 hour), Targets (1 per 2 Raises,maximum of 5 total targets)
This spell fills the target’s body with the purity and vigor of Earth, driving out poisons and impurities. If the target suffers the effects of any poison or toxin within the duration of the
spell, or is already under the effects of a poison when the spell targets him, he may re-roll any failed Stamina roll to resist the poison, with a bonus of +2k0 to the second roll. (However,
if the second roll is also failed, the poison has full effect.) An interesting side-effect of this spell is that it also cures drunkenness and other such effects, and it is impossible for
the target to become intoxicated during the spell’s duration.
Page 174
Tetsubo of Earth c Ring/Mastery: Earth 1 (Craft, Jade)
c Range: Personal or 20’
c Area of Effect: One created weapon
c Duration: 5 minutes
c Raises: Damage (1k0), Duration (5 minutes), Range
(+5 feet)
You summon a tetsubo of pure earth, studded with all manner of stones. The weapon’s default form is a tetsubo, but one Raise can change its form to any other heavy weapon of your choosing. The tetsubo has a DR of 2k2. When wielding this weapon, you may use your School Rank in place of your Heavy Weapons Skill if you wish. If you do have the Heavy Weapon skill, the tetsubo grants you a Free Raise for the Knockdown maneuver (this bonus does not apply if you grant the Tetsubo to another person instead of wielding it yourself). The tetsubo disappears if it is lost from your hand. Instead of summoning the tetsubo for yourself, you may cause it to appear in the
hands of an ally within 20 feet. He is treated as the caster for all purposes of the spell, but does not gain the Free Raise bonus.
Page 175
Path to Inner Peach c Ring/Mastery: Water 1
c Range: Touch
c Area of Effect: One target individual
c Duration: Instantaneous
c Raises: None
The water kami can influence the flow of water through the body, dramatically hastening the natural healing process. You can use this spell to heal Wounds that another individual has
suffered. This spell restores a number of Wounds to the target equal to the amount by which the Spell Casting Roll exceeded the spell’s TN to cast.
Page 187
Speed of the Waterfall c Ring/Mastery: Water 1 (Travel)
c Range: Touch
c Area of Effect: One target individual or creature
c Duration: 1 hour
c Raises: Duration (+10 minutes), Range (may increase
to 10’ for two Raises)
Those filled with the essence of water find their movement far faster than ever before. The target of this spell may move a total distance per round equal to their Water x 20’ plus an amount equal to twice your Water Ring. This spell does not grant the target additional movement, it simply increases the maximum possible amount they can move during a Round for the duration of the spell.
Page 188
Sympathetic Energies c Ring/Mastery: Water 1
c Range: 25’
c Area of Effect: One target individual
c Duration: Instantaneous
c Raises: Range (+5’), Special (see below)
Energy flows between all living things as water flows through the earth. You may transfer any one existing spell effect from you to the willing target of this spell. With three Raises, you
may transfer one spell effect from one willing target to another willing target. You cannot transfer spells between unwilling targets.
Page 188
Cloak of the Miya c Ring/Mastery: Water 2 (Defense)
c Range: Personal
c Area of Effect: Self
c Duration: 5 rounds
c Raises: Duration (+1 round)
You wrap yourself in the protective embrace of the wave. Your Armor TN is increased by an amount equal to your Water Ring plus your School Rank for the duration of this spell.
Page 188
Silent Waters c Ring/Mastery: Water 3 (Defense)
c Range: Personal
c Area of Effect: Self
c Duration: Variable
c Raises: None
The memory of the ocean is infinite, and its vast power can lay in wait for a very long time indeed. Upon completion of a successful casting of this spell, you may immediately cast a second spell of any element. This second spell must be a spell you can normally cast, and it must be of Mastery Level 3 or lower. If the second Spell Casting Roll is successful, the second spell is stored within you, and will not activate until a specific physical effect takes place, which you specify at the time of the casting. The spell’s trigger could be that you speak a certain word, draw a blade, or fall in battle, for example. Whatever the trigger, when it occurs, the second spell immediately takes effect as if you had just finished casting the spell. A character may never benefit from multiple uses of Silent Waters at one time. If a second use of the spell is cast on the same individual, the current “stored” spell is immediately dispelled and replaced
with the new one.
Page 190
Rejuvenating Vapors c Ring/Mastery: Water 2
c Range: Touch
c Area of Effect: One target individual
c Duration: Instantaneous
c Raises: Targets (one additional person per 2 Raises)
Water washes away all that is impure, refreshing and reinvigorating all it touches. The target of this spell is instantly refreshed as if he had just arisen from a full night’s sleep. This
does not restore spent Void Points, but can eliminate fatigue and exhaustion. When used on a shugenja, this spell does restore the spell slots associated with the Void Ring (which can be used for any elements), but not the spell slots associated with other Rings. Abilities that characters may use a limited number of times per day are not refreshed by this spell. No individual can benefit from Rejuvenating Vapors more than once within a 24-hour period.
Page 189
Stand Against The Waves c Ring/Mastery: Water 2 (Defense)
c Range: Personal
c Area of Effect: Self
c Duration: 5 rounds
c Raises: Duration (+1 round)
You wrap yourself in the protective embrace of the wave. Your Armor TN is increased by an amount equal to your Water Ring plus your School Rank for the duration of this spell.
Page 189
Default Spell c Ring/Mastery: Water 2 (Battle)
c Range: 10’
c Area of Effect: One target individual
c Duration: Instantaneous
c Raises: Range (10’ per 3 Raises)
A samurai who possesses the speed and strength of the mighty river is a dangerous foe indeed. The target of this spell gains a Simple Action during the Reaction Stage of the current Combat
Round. This action may only be used to make an attack. If the target is incapable of making an attack as a Simple Action, this spell grants him a Complex Action instead. This spell cannot award a shugenja the ability to cast a second spell in the same Round.
Page 188
Inari’s Blessing c Ring/Mastery: Water 2 (Craft)
c Range: Personal
c Area of Effect: Created sustenance
c Duration: Instantaneous
c Raises: Special (Enough food for one additional person
per Raise)
Inari is the Fortune of Rice, and one of the most beloved of all divine entities throughout the Empire. This spell invokes Inari’s blessing, and creates nourishing food and drink at your command. This spell generates enough food and drink to sustain a number of individuals equal to your School Rank +1 for one day. Without Raises, this food is bland but sustaining, such as unflavored rice and water, but with Raises, you can increase the quality of the food to seafood or tea at the GM’s discretion. The TN to cast this spell is doubled when in the Shadowlands.
Page 188
The Ties That Bind c Ring/Mastery: Water 2 (Divination)
c Range: 10 miles
c Area of Effect: Self
c Duration: Instantaneous
c Raises: Range (+2 miles)
Even the lightest touch forges a connection, and through the spirits of water that connection may be explored. This spell allows you to seek out the spirits of Water within a single, specific object. You must be familiar with the object in question, either having spent a great deal of time around it or handled it personally. If the object is within the range of this spell, you will know the direction and relative distance it is from your current position.
Page 189
Reversal of Fortunes c Ring/Mastery: Water 1
c Range: 10’
c Area of Effect: One target individual
c Duration: 3 rounds
c Raises: Duration (1 round), Range (5’)
Versatility is the domain of water, and those who carry its blessing reap the rewards. For the duration of this spell, the target may immediately re-roll any one roll per round. This must be done immediately after the first roll is completed, and the target may keep either result.
Page 188
Reflections of Pan Ku c Ring/Mastery: Water 1 (Divination)
c Range: Touch
c Area of Effect: One object
c Duration: Instantaneous
c Raises: None
Divining the abilities of an object is among the simplest lessons a student of water learns in the temple. If this spell is successfully cast on an object, you automatically learn all powers and abilities that object possesses. This is most frequently used to identify any supernatural qualities an item possesses, such as a nemuranai or a cursed weapon, but it can also identify the
spell contained within a shugenja’s prayer scroll. This spell will not allow a shugenja to read a scroll if it is written in a cipher he does not understand, but he can at least identify the spell in question. This spell will also grant the caster knowledge of the item’s origin in very broad strokes, such as where it was forged, the Clan of the individual who has carried it the longest, or something similar at the GM’s discretion.
Page 187
Strike of Flowing Waters c Ring/Mastery: Water 4
c Range: 10’
c Area of Effect: One target individual (may be the
c Duration: 1 round
c Raises: Duration (1 round), Range (5’)
Water flows over and through obstacles, and so too can those infused with its energy. The target of this spell may ignore bonuses to his opponents’ Armor TN conferred by worn armor, spell effects of Mastery Level 3 and below, and other non-Technique mechanical effects. Against non-human creatures who do not wear armor, this allows the target to treat their Armor TN as 5 lower. This spell does not negate the Reduction awarded by armor, nor does it ignore the increase to Armor TN conferred as a result of an individual adopting the Defense or Full Defense Stances.
Page 191
Extinguish Fire spirits can be driven away by the proper invocation, a very useful ability in Rokugani towns and cities where the construction is all wood and paper. This spell dismisses the active Fire kami in the area. All non-magical fi re in the area of effect is immediately snuffed out, and any damage dealt by fi re (magical or not) reduces its DR by 1k1 until the start of the next Round. Page 181
Hungry Blade c Ring/Mastery: Fire 3 (Craft)
c Range: 50’
c Area of Effect: One weapon
c Duration: 5 Rounds
c Raises: Duration (+1 Round)
This spell is a more potent version of Biting Steel, designed to enhance any weapon rather than merely a sword. The spell strengthens the Fire spirits in a single target weapon, causing them to come forth and form a faint sheath of fi re around it. The weapon’s wielder adds +1k0 to all attack rolls, and all of his damage dice explode on a result of 8 or better. Each die can explode on an 8 or 9 only once per roll, however, even if the wielder has other effects that allow the die to explode on 9s.
Page 184
Ever-Changing Waves Ultimate command over Water can allow flesh to flow like liquid.
This spell allows you to physically alter your mortal body, changing your shape to match that of another natural creature (see the Book of the Void for a list of the more common natural creatures found in Rokugan). While in this form, you keep your Mental Traits. For Physical Traits, you keep whichever is higher, yours or those of the animal into which you have transformed. Other natural abilities are gained as well, including natural weapons or sensory abilities. Some traditionalist shugenja sects look down upon this spell as unclean.
Page 191
Power of the Ocean c Ring/Mastery: Water 5 (Defense)
c Range: Touch
c Area of Effect: One target individual
c Duration: A number of days equal to your School Rank
c Raises: Duration (+1 day per three Raises)
Perhaps the greatest gift Water can bestow requires a powerful shugenja to impart it to others. This spell is a complex ritual that requires an hour to cast, and can only be cast upon a willing target. For the duration of the spell, the target requires no food, drink, or sleep. A number of times during the duration equal to your School Rank, the target may replenish his Void Points as a Simple Action; this is the equivalent of recovering Void Points via a full night of rest. The target also recovers a number of Wounds per hour equal to twice your Water Ring. If the target of this spell is a shugenja, he regains all expended spell slots at sunrise, regardless of whether he has had any rest. After the spell expires, the target lapses into a state of complete exhaustion. This lasts for exactly half the duration of the spell effect. During this time, the target cannot take any significant physical action, and can only move about sluggishly. Travel is completely impossible.
Page 192
Hands of the Tides c Ring/Mastery: Water 5 (Battle, Travel)
c Range: 100’ radius centered on the caster
c Area of Effect: Targets up to caster’s Water Ring
c Duration: Instantaneous
c Raises: Area (10’), Targets (1 per 2 Raises)
The exchange of energy via Water is a simple matter that can ultimately lead to the exchange of flesh as well. Within the area of effect of this spell, you may choose a number of willing targets up to your Water Ring. You may switch the positions among those targets as you see fi t, exchanging one for another. At the end of the spell, there must be a person in every position that was occupied when the spell began, but who is located where can vary depending upon the number of people affected.
Page 192

Character Picture Goes Here

Horiuchi Kesshite’s mother was an Iuchi shugenja but his father is unknown. He was five when his mother was killed and he ran away to the plains. A dog found and dragged him back to it’s kennel where he was soon found by the tenants. Not sure what to do with him, he was semi adopted within the family, growing up learning to hunt and work with the dogs that had also adopted him. As he grew, his talent with the kami became apparent and he Moto he was living with arranged for him to go to school with the Iuchi Shoan. When she was granted her own family during the clan wars, Kesshite was one of the first to swear fealty.



  • Tournament of the Samurai
    Investigated murder of kitsune spirit and Asako daimyo
    Solved murders
    Freed twisted kitsune spirit
  • Engaged to Kitsune Senai


  • Marries Senai during Winter Court
  • Assigned as second in command of Horiuchi family
    Official defender of Horiuchi lands
  • Senai joins Horiuchi Shoan’s personal guard


  • Daughter born – Horiuchi Meisha (shugenja)
    Given puppy at birth and raised with her


  • Twin sons born – Horiuchi Shinmei (shugenja) and Horiuchi Keshiro (bushi)
    Both also given puppies at birth and raised with them
  • Kitsune Retsu discovers Kitsune Ryosei’s (Fox Daimyo) intent to hunter her father
    Retsu requests Kesshite’s help and Kesshite agrees


  • Hunt leads Kesshite into Shadowlands where he confronts Kitsune Gohei, the Walking Horror
    Kesshite activates his gaijin numeranei and allows his wife to witness the final battle
    Kesshite dies after destroying the Walking Horror and reclaiming the Ancestral Sword of the Fox
    Hinshu died during conflict.
    Yasashii drug both corpses back to the Wall and died defending them, too blind to recognize the Crab warriors trying to help
    Senai retrieved Shinnin and Kesshite’s equipment along with the Fox sword at the wall, moments after the Crab had been forced to slay Yasashii.


  • Kesshite spends this time hunting in Chikushudo, the equivalent of two centuries passing


  • Kitsune Retsu participates at the battle of Oblivion’s Gate
    Kesshite senses the pull on Chikushudo and investigates in the form of a bear
    Recognizing Retsu, he answers the call of his friend and fights at his side as a massive bear
    Once the battle is over, the normal limits of the Fox Summoner technique having faded long before, Kesshite wanders off and passes out. When he comes around, he is human again and Retsu is looking over him.
  • Kesshite returns home and is welcomed
  • Offered his original position but declines it in favor of trying to regain his humanity
  • Still barely less than feral, he wanders the Horiuchi lands and returns to defending them seemingly by instinct


  • Fourth child, second daughter is born, Horiuchi Kumako (bushi, spirit-touched, half-spirit)
    Puppy is mysteriously found beside her the next morning


  • Kesshite spends the majority of this time reacclimating to being human


  • Kesshite returns home, finally at peace with himself again
  • Horiuchi Shoan steps down as daimyo and Kesshite is once again offered to take his place as second in command and the next daimyo and again he refuses, saying it is no longer his
    Horiuchi Shem-Zhe retains the role he adopted upon Kesshite’s death and ascends to daimyo
  • Hantei XL (XVI) gives Kesshite the title of Imperial Hunter in hopes of currying his favor
    The position grants him Imperial travel papers for the empire and investigative and questioning rights like an Emerald Magistrate but not the ability to command an Imperial Legion
    Under the purview of the Emerald Champion


  • Stuff


  • Present day

Horiuchi Kesshite

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