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Asako Deki - Interlude and Downtime

Character Interlude and Downtime Roleplay

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This page of the Adventure log is specifically dedicated to the character listed in its title. I will post a beginning story as an interlude or other downtime scenario and we will run the entire thing out through the Obsidian Portal. The affects of story that occur within this Adventure Log will be seen in the game primarily as shifting on the Favor Chart and benefits/penalties to certain aspects of the game.

In order to encourage interaction and self-promotion (meaning: you post something YOU want to have happen and “I” respond instead of the other way around) I will reward anyone who responds out of character to a post with 1 experience. Anyone that responds IN-CHARACTER will receive 3 experience. Note that I will only give this experience bonus after each major interaction; if you simply respond in small ways to the same thing five times you will only get the XP once. :)

Asako Deki, the Immortal

Note: I will try to write most of these “in character” or in a story format. I’m just trying to kick them off right now with C/F/S style commentary to get things moving.

Imploring Favor [11 Feb 2013]

Blessings of Wisdom

Note: Along the Imperial Road, just past the mountain pass leading through the Spine of the World Mountains, the Emerald Magistrates will encounter a single monk along the road. The monk, Akaman, is a student of the Shrine to the Seven Thunders. His focus is particularly emphasized around Mirumoto and Hitomi, the Dragon Thunders and Avatars of Knowledge. Akaman was sent by the abbot of Mirumoto’s and Hitomi’s Shrine, a former Kitsuki named Jin. The abbot’s prayers often bring him in close contact with powerful followers of other Fortunes, Ancestors, and kin of the kami.

Asako Deki, Honored Henshin,

Brother, you are a prominent man well-known to members of the Brotherhood as one full of wisdom and ancient lore. It is because of this that I send my student, Akaman, with a letter from your own lands. Your ally amidst the worshipers of the Fortune of Wisdom have contacted me via the ancient shrine to the Avatars of Knowledge, Mirumoto and Hitomi, the Dragon Thunders. The Thunder spoke into my very mind upon a subject of grave import that you are uniquely capable of assisting us with.

Your ally [Name goes here from your Ally advantage] speaks of a new ritual, an imploring of the kami’s great power, to absolve this world of an enemy we do not see. The Phoenix have rumor of a spell that may remove the great status of Returned Spirit from a soul, but have had no wish yet to test it without Imperial Decree.

It is the wisdom of the kami, the Dragon Thunders, and even Fukurokujin himself that this no longer be the case. The message I received from your friend tells me that the Celestial Heavens have spoken: the ritual must be used.

We understand that there are differences between the types of Returned Spirits and it has come to our knowledge that you travel with of these honorable souls. Fukurokujin, in all his blessings, has gifted us with the knowledge that some Spirit Realms are more willing to give up their grasp than others. The Realm of Animals, Chikushudo, is by far the easiest grip to remove from a mortal – the spirits of the animals maintain only the most tenuous of holds upon one not originally of their kind.

Deki-dono. Henshin. Brother. The Brotherhood, your clan, and the Great Fortune of Wisdom himself all require your aid. Included within this missive are the notes and workings of the ritual that will cast aside the bonds of another realm and return a Spirit to mortal form once more. Convince him, brother. Convince him to cast the spell and remove this stain so that we may begin the first step on the road to recovering our once proud Empire.

And if he refuses, his blood is all that is needed to cast the spell yourself.

Boru, Abbot of the Shrine of the Dragon Thunder

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