Welcome to the campaign, Legend of the Five Rings: Sincerity and Steel! This campaign takes place in the Legend of the Five Rings role-playing setting and is being played in Murfreesboro, TN. For those knowledgeable of the storyline, our game has a timeline set during the tumultuous period of the Clan War, specifically in a crossroads called Kurogane-Hana between Phoenix, Crane, and Lion territories. This game will explore intrigue, investigation, court, and corruption! In the pursuit of both Honor and Glory the players will strive to root out the evils that infest the Empire during this time of the Dark Lord’s Rise. Please read on and enjoy!

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Sincerity and Steel Characters

Agasha chiyo   lindsey

Agasha Chiyo, Kitsuki Investigator (Lindsey Brown)

Asako new

Asako Deki, Henshin (Jeremiah Sager)

185px iuchi

Horiuchi Kesshite, Spirit Hunter (Jason Weeks)


Asako Sasuke, Inquisitor (Bobby Turman)





L5R (Sincerity and Steel)

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